• Supply Chain
    In Chungfo, we link and circulate customer demand and market forecast, order, inventory, replenishment, production scheduling, production planning, transportation and distribution, so as to make the supply-demand relationship of production and marketing more transparent. We can quickly integrate relevant technical resources, provide appropriate products and high-quality services, and improve our competitiveness according to the changes of terminal market and customer demand. Fleet Managerment System--Service Part Logistics--Reverse Logistics--Order Management & Fulfullment--Warehouse Management System--Inventory Management System.
  • Production Process
    Production process management, we will from the production plan, production material control, production operation implementation process, production quality management process, production equipment management process, production safety protection process and other comprehensive management, to ensure that the production is carried out on time and completed according to the quality.
  • Manufacturing Management
    Chungfo adopts efficient, low-cost, flexible and punctual management points, perfect training system, standardized operation, visual management, MEQS, informatization, reasonable personnel allocation and assessment to achieve the expected production objectives.
  • Quality Control
    The company adopts 5S on-site management and delivery inspection (OQC) to ensure that the overall quality of products meets the requirements of the company and customers.
  • Reliability Test
    The company conducts a series of reliability tests on the products. For example, appearance quality, structure size, speed and power, low-voltage start-up performance, electrical strength, insulation resistance, noise and vibration, mechanical strength of outgoing line, combined strength of rotor, temperature rise, vibration, drop, salt spray test, high temperature storage, low temperature storage, cold and hot impact, ALT (life test), ROHS test, etc., can be shipped only after the products meet the requirements.
  • After-sale Service
    Chungfo, design and production create quality, after-sales service to improve value. Provide systematic high-quality products and first-rate services.

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