• What will happen if the car cooling fan is not transferred? Jun 27 , 2022
    The cooling fan is one of the indispensable parts of the car. If the cooling fan doesn't work, it will cause the coolant temperature in the engine water tank to be too high. If the water temperature is too high, the water vapor in the water tank will spray out from the pressure relief hole. This situation is more dangerous, and the car can be started only after maintenance. So what are the reasons...
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  • Principle and application of PWM speed regulating cooling fan Jun 16 , 2022
    Today, with the rapid development of electronic products, cooling fans are applied to almost all industries, such as medical equipment, intelligent household appliances, sports equipment, power supply equipment, communication industry, security monitoring, military equipment, automobile industry, automation industry, etc. in these industries, general cooling fans are far from meeting the needs of ...
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  • AC cooling fan introduction - Chungfo Electronic May 21 , 2022
    AC cooling fan introduction - Chungfo Electronic AC cooling fan is the major aspects of different varieties of industrial products, including electrical machinery and electronic digital products which all demands cooling fan as the major device for energy managing. By developing the environment flow, cooling fan provides cool air to decrease the temperatures of your industrial equipment, also, wil...
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  • AC, DC, EC fans Features Apr 02 , 2022
    AC, DC, EC fans Features When it comes to cooling fans, it is estimated that everyone is very familiar with them. They are indispensable in our life, such as household appliances, electronic products, digital computers, medical equipment, etc. They will be used as long as they need cooling and exhausting. Cooling fans can be divided into AC fans, DC fans and EC fans. Here, I will explain the diffe...
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  • Why the speed of DC cooling fan slows down? Mar 26 , 2022
    Why the speed of DC cooling fan slows down? The speed of the cooling fan is determined by voltage, fan blade angle, diameter, number of fan blades, bearings, etc. So what is the reason why the cooling fan slows down? The speed of the cooling fan is mainly determined by the structure and components of the fan itself, the bearing friction and the wind resistance of the inclination angle of the fan b...
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  • Where is the cooling fan used? Feb 23 , 2022
    Cooling fans, as the name suggests, are used for ventilation and heat dissipation. It is widely used in various industries and fields, because in many electronic equipment and machinery, if there is no cooling device installed in the equipment, the working temperature may be too high, which may cause the performance of the equipment to decline, or even be damaged. For normal and efficient operatio...
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  • What should be paid attention to when installing centrifugal fan? Feb 16 , 2022
    First of all, when connecting the centrifugal cooling fan, the foundation joint surface, and the inlet and outlet air ducts, they should be adjusted to fit naturally, not forcibly connected, and the weight of the air ducts should not be concentrated on the casing to avoid deformation of the casing and affect the normal operation. The inlet and outlet air ducts of the centrifugal fan should be conn...
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  • How to choose the cabinet cooling fan? Jan 26 , 2022
    1. When purchasing cabinet cooling fans, first confirm the size of the cabinet, select the appropriate fan model and appearance for installation, and then determine the parameters such as voltage, airflow, speed, current, noise and other parameters. 2. Cooling fan voltage, which can be divided into DC voltage 5v, 12v, 24v and 48V; AC voltage 110V, 220v, 380v. If the wrong voltage is connected, the...
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  • If the positive and negative poles are reversed, will the cooling fan burn out? Jan 18 , 2022
    DC cooling fan has two positive and negative power lines. When installing the cooling fan, if the positive and negative lines are connected reversely by wrong operation, will the cooling fan burn out? Whether the axial cooling fan is burnt out or not is mainly related to the IC Design of the cooling fan. In general, the drive IC with double wire winding method has internal protection design. If th...
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