Apr 27, 2021


In the white household appliances industry, our products are widely used in household appliances.

The refrigerator has multiple evaporators and fans, each of which is precisely controlled and can operate independently to keep the ideal temperature, isolate odor and not interfere with each other, and to completely preserve all the nutrients and delicious flavor of the food.

Our products adopt ultra-low temperature start-up technology, and can still operate normally under -40 ℃ environment, thus effectively achieving accurate temperature control, and providing a quiet, intelligent energy saving and efficient cooling system. The micro cooling fan motor technology can not only provide provide control of temperature in each area of refrigerator, but also make the sound of fan smaller.


Dishwasher has become an indispensable part of modern kitchen. It is characterized by high temperature, disinfection, high intensity, when using hot water (about 70 ℃) spray short (1 ~ 2 minutes) to wash tableware.

The dishwasher needs to use a cooling fan to eliminate the steam generated when washing tableware, so the cooling fan needs to have the function of waterproof. At the same time, the cooling of circuit board also needs to use a cooling fan, and combined with the equipment to reduce power consumption, environmental protection needs, the cooling fan should meet the needs of low power consumption.

There is not much space at the bottom of the dishwasher, so it needs a compact and powerful fans and adopts an energy-saving design, which can reduce the operating cost. The cooling fan must also have high availability, adopt special materials and strong and durable high-performance design, and the cooling system can always ensure the efficient operation of dishwasher even under the condition of continuous operation.


"Hot fast" and "cool fast" —— The function of cooling fan

When the steaming oven is working, the temperature of the inner cavity rises. According to the principle of heat transfer, the "cold air" with a relatively low indoor temperature enters the top of the steaming oven with a higher temperature from the bottom of the steaming oven door, and the hot air is discharged from the cooling hole above the steaming oven door.

Coupled with the high-speed operation of the cooling fan, the alternate update of hot and cold air is accelerated. In this way, the cold air is continuously replaced to cool the outer wall and door of the steaming oven. In addition, the heat insulation system of the steaming oven itself, so the surface of the steaming oven always keeps a low safe temperature, and the cabinet will not be damaged or scalded.

The oven will produce a lot of heat in the working process, and the internal temperature is very high. When the cooling fan is running, it can heat the oven in a short time to reduce the temperature. The performance of the radiator is also related to the stable operation of the whole machine, so a suitable radiator is also essential.

Coffee Machine

With the continuous improvement of modern people's living standards and the acceleration of working rhythm, people apply electronic technology to the coffee machine, and realize the automatic control of the whole process of coffee brewing, such as grinding, pressing, filling, brewing, and removing residues.

The cooling system can reliably cool the coffee machine, thus ensuring the safety of use and bringing users the pleasure of enjoying the coffee brewing process.

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