• Q1: Reasons for slow speed of DC cooling fan
  • A:

    1、Check whether it has been used for too long. If it is not disassembled to clean the dust, there will be too much dust accumulation, which will make it difficult for the fan to rotate and slow down.

    2、The reason for the slow speed of DC cooling fan may also be the problem of power supply.

    3、In addition, if the DC cooling fan is not installed properly and loose during installation, the fan speed will also slow down.

  • Q2: Will the cooling fan be damaged if it is lower than the rated voltage?
  • A:

    Commonly used cooling fan voltage is usually 12V, but like temperature-controlled cooling fan, the voltage setting for cooling fan is relatively low at low temperature, resulting in slower speed and lower noise of cooling fan.

    As long as the cooling fan can operate normally under low voltage and start smoothly, there is no problem that the voltage is lower than 12V. If the 12V cooling fan with high speed can operate as low as 5V or even 4.5V, the sound will be quieter.

    However, the 12V cooling fan can't be applied to be more than 10% of its rated voltage, such as 13.2V operation, so it is likely to exceed the power and cause the cooling fan to burn out, especially for some cooling fans with high air volume and high rotating speed, if it is possible to be more than the rated voltage, it is necessary for the supplier of the cooling fan to increase the voltage range.

  • Q3: Why does the cooling fan suddenly stop running during use?
  • A:

    Generally, the factors when the cooling fan crashes or stops running are as follows:

    1. The bearing shaft of the cooling fan is rusted, causing it to be stuck directly; the shaft of the cooling fan is rusted and the lubricant is volatilized due to a long time of use. Solution: The lubricating oil is dripped on the shaft at the axial position, and the shaft should not be excessively dripped.

    2. If the cooling fan has been used for too long and has not been cleaned regularly, the fan dust will be squeezed too much, which will cause the card master to not rotate when the fan is rotating; solution: use a cotton swab to clean the backlog of the cooling fan.

    3. The performance and quality of the cooling fan are unreliable. The selected brand of three-flow cooling fan will cause the fan to be damaged or unable to rotate.

  • Q4: What is the relationship between fan speed and its characteristic parameters?
  • A:

    The speed of the fan is an important factor that affects the performance of the fan. When the speed changes, the airflow, pressure, and power of the fan will change. For fans of the same airflow and pressure, the speed of the speed will affect the size of the impeller, that is, the diameter and the width of the outlet.

    The relationship between the speed of the fan and the main characteristic parameters is: the airflow is proportional to the speed; the pressure is proportional to the square of the speed; the power is proportional to the cube of the speed.

    The above relationship is called the proportional law of the fan.

  • Q5: What are the precautions for using the cooling fan?
  • A:

    1. When using the cooling fan, do not wind the power cord or pull the power cord forcefully to avoid damage to the power cord and prevent power leakage.

    2. Keep the fan clean and avoid dust, water droplets, insects and other objects from entering the fan, causing the fan to fail to operate normally.

    3. Do not leave the cooling fan unused for more than half a year, because if it is not used for a long time, the storage environment will affect the performance of the fan.

    4. When the fan is in operation, please do not lock the fan for a long time. The fan will stop continuously, which will cause high heat and burn the fan.

    5. Please note that the fan will hurt your fingers when running at high speed. When the cooling fan is operating at high speed, be careful not to touch the fan blades to avoid being cut by the fan.

    6. Do not use the cooling fan in a flammable or harmful environment to avoid accidents.

  • Q6: How to adjust the speed of DC fan?
  • A:

    Under normal circumstances, the DC cooling fan can adjust the speed by adjusting the magnetic field and armature voltage.

    Armature is the component that plays the key and pivotal effect in the process of the motor completes the transformation of mechanical energy and electrical energy.

    For a generator, it is a component that generates electromotive force, such as the rotor in a DC generator, and the stator in an AC generator.

    For a motor, it is a component that generates electromagnetic force.

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