• Q1: Is the heat dissipation of the cooling fan suction or blowing?
  • A:

    Most cooling fans are blow type, that is, blow the surrounding air to the cooling object to help speed up the transfer and dissipation of heat. By blowing the air, the cooling fan can take away the overheating air, thereby reducing the temperature of the cooling object.

    However, it is also possible to design some two-way cooling fans that can both blow and suck air. These fans can change the direction of blowing and sucking air when needed to adapt to different heat dissipation requirements. The suction function can be used to bring in fresh air, increase air flow, and help the cooling system expel heat better.

    In general, most cooling fans are blow type, but there are also some two-way cooling fans with blow and suction functions. The specific type of cooling fan used depends on the cooling needs and equipment design.

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  • Q2: How to install the cooling fan correctly?
  • A:

    1. Connect cables correctly: When installing a cooling fan, connect cables correctly according to the device instructions, and ensure that the power cables and signal cables are correctly connected.

    2. Adjust the installation position: During the installation, adjust the position of the cooling fan according to the shape and size of the device to ensure that the fan is tightly fitted to the device.

    3. Use proper screws: Use proper screws to secure the cooling fan to the device. At the same time, do not screw too tightly to avoid damaging the device or cooling fan.

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  • Q3: What are the specific effects of improper installation of cooling fans
  • A:

    1. Increased noise: Improper installation of the cooling fan may cause friction or vibration between the fan and other components, resulting in noise.

    2. The temperature is too high: Improper installation may cause the Ventilation fan to fail to effectively reduce the temperature, which will cause the electronic device to overheat.

    3. Circuit failure: Incorrect installation may result in damage to fan components, such as falling wires or fan blades colliding with other objects.

  • Q4: Cooling fan brushless motor or brush motor which is less noise
  • A:

    Today we are going to discuss the problem is the heat dissipation fan in the brushless motor and brush motor which noise is less.

    Brushless motors are less noisy than brushless motors. Brushless motors operate by controlling electromagnetic fields electronically, eliminating the need to use traditional brushes and commutators, thereby reducing mechanical friction and vibration, and thus reducing the possibility of noise generation. Therefore, for cooling fans, brushless motors have the advantage of less noise than brushless motors.

    During the operation of the brush motor, due to the friction between the carbon brush and the commutator, it will produce a large noise. This noise not only affects the user experience, but can be a problem in some environments where quiet is required.

  • Q5: What is special about DC motors
  • A:

    1.High efficiency: DC motor has less energy loss in the energy conversion process and higher energy conversion efficiency.

    2. The DC motor is reversible, that is, the rotation direction of the motor can be changed by changing the direction of the current.

    3.Good speed regulation: DC motor has good speed regulation performance. The precise speed control of DC motor can be realized by changing the parameters of power supply voltage, current and magnetic field intensity.

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  • Q6: Which is noisier, oil bearing or ball-bearing cooling fan?
  • A:

    Ball-bearing cooling fans provide better stability and reliability at high speeds and therefore may produce lower noise levels in some cases.

    Oil bearing fans usually use grease lubricated bearings, which reduce friction and noise. However, after a long period of use, oil lubrication may gradually consume or degrade, resulting in a gradual increase in fan noise.

    In general, the  ball-bearing cooling fan may produce a lower noise level when it is continuously operated at high speed, but the specific noise difference should also consider other factors, such as the design and quality of the fan. At the time of purchase, it is recommended to refer to the technical specifications provided by the manufacturer or user evaluation to choose a low noise cooling fan suitable for your needs.

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