5V/12V/24V DC Brushless Cooling Electric Blower Centrifugal Fan

PBT fan outer frame, corrosion resistance, stable, durable, not easy to break. High speed centrifugal blower is excellent suitable for cooling heatsinks on hot ends, prints, or other cooling needs.

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High pressure Air Cooling Exhaust Centrifugal Blower Fan with DC Motor, which has the ability to limit overload and ensure that the motor will not be overloaded when it exceeds its capacity.

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Factory direct sales can reduce transportation, warehousing, logistics and other related distribution costs. These cost reductions are ultimately reflected in product prices.

About this item

  • Designed for projects that requires cooling or ventilation; or as a replacement fan for various products.
  • Dimension of outer the frame is 50 mm(L) x 50 mm(W) x 15 mm(H) / The size of fan in inch is 1.96 in(L) x 1.96 in(W) x 0.59 in(H); The center to center distance beween the mountiong holes is 57.0 ± 0.3 mm / 2.24 in.
  • Operating Voltage Range: DC 5V/12V/24V | Current: 0.05 ~ 0.36 Amp | Speed: 4000 ~ 6000 RPM | Airflow: 3.49 ~ 5.51 CFM | Noise: 32 ~ 43 dBA | Pressure: 8.50 ~ 24.20 mmAq.
  • High Speed: This model is designed to maximize airflow and can be too loud for some applications.
  • Lead wire: (+): Red wire ; (-): Black wire. Bearing Type:Sleeve Bearing / Double Ball Bearing; Life: working up to 50,000h at 25 degrees.
  • Please Comfirm the Fan Size, Voltage, Connector and other parameters before purchase.

DC BLOWER FAN 50x50x15mm(1.96"x1.96"x0.59")

 5015 DC Cooling Blower Fan 12V Mini Cooling Fan blower 50mmx50mmx15mm

General Specification:
Frame: PBT(Black)UL94V-0
Impeller: PBT(Black)UL94V-0
Operating Temperature: -10ºC~70ºC
Motor Protection:  Auto Restart or Polarity Protection
Insulation Resistance: 20MΩ or over with a DC500V Megger
Dielectric Withstand Voltage: AC500V 1s
Bearing Type: Sleeve Bearing or Ball bearing

5015 mini dc blower fan

   12vdc brushless blower fan

·All reading are typical values at rated voltage.
·Parameters can be set according to customer requirements.


  • Long Life Cycle / Low Noise / High Efficiency;
  • Offer a multi-speed controller to adjust voltage from 5V - 24V;
  • Both the fan frame and the air blade are injection molded from PBT material;
  • Have passed UL,CE certification, production of the products meet the ROHS requirements;
  • Products smaller, lightweight, have low power consumption, and reduce heat generation.

More Models

These fans are available in several sizes to accommodate diverse applications— such as those found in tight spaces or difficult to reach areas.

Type Model Size Type Model Size
DC Blower C04020 40x40x20mm(1.57"x1.57"x0.78") DC Blower C06015B 60x60x15mm(2.36"x2.36"x0.59")
C05015 50x50x15mm(1.96"x1.96"x0.59") C07525 75x75x25mm(2.95"x2.95"x0.98")
C05025 50x50x25mm(1.97"x1.97"x0.98") C07530 75x75x30mm(2.95"x2.95"x1.18")
C05828 58x58x28mm(2.28"x2.28"x1.10") C09733 97x97x33mm(3.91"x3.91"x1.30")
C06015A 60x60x15mm(2.36"x2.36"x0.59") C12032 120x120x32mm(4.72"x4.72"x1.26")


DC blower products are widely used in medical apparatus & instruments, electronics, electricity, portable air-quality monitoring devices, hot air gun, and many other applications.

5v 12v 24v blower cooling fan

  • Customized projects related to Medical equipment, Air purifiers, 3D printers, cooling, ventilation and heat dissipation systems, and more.
  • Create a cooling system to keep the home appliances system, office equipments and other electronic equipments running at the ideal temperature and the optimal speed.

Quality Control

CHUNGFO has strict delivery inspection standard to ensure that the products quality meets customer’ requirements.

In addition, our fans are tested for quality to ensure the best possible performance. Our quality control staff is highly trained to perform stringent testing procedures.


Over the years, we have been with many well-known brands to achieve friendly cooperation.

Sincerely thank our customers for their trust and support.


All our products are approved by CE, UL and ect, as well as in compliance with RoHS requirement, quality is reliable and guaranteed.

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Leave A Message
We value your support very much, please fill out the inquiry box below and you will have the opportunity to receive free samples and professional services.