Come scream with Chungfo in Chimelong Happy World

Jun 05, 2023

In the spirit of combining work and rest, it also provides opportunities for new and old employees to get to know each other and communicate more. Recently, Guangdong Chungfo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. organized a collective team building activity for all employees.

On June 3rd, on a clear day with thousands of miles of sky, we welcomed this group building activity. The sunshine is just right. Taking advantage of everyone, let's take a wonderful group photo first!

This team building was arranged in Guangzhou Chimelong Happy World, a place full of laughter and excitement. There are many famous amusement facilities here that have attracted many tourists to try out, such as vertical roller coasters, rocket roller coasters, rapids and so on. Beside these amusement facilities, there will be a continuous stream of screams, all of which are joyful cries.

So after we arrived, many colleagues eagerly rushed towards these tense and exciting amusement facilities. Some people may not enjoy it once and even have to play it two or three times, but they are really talented and courageous.

In this group building game, everyone laughed and spoke freely, creating a harmonious and harmonious collective atmosphere. Not only did they have physical and mental pleasure, but they also enhanced each other's emotions. Although the event has ended, our passion has not faded, and this event has also benefited us greatly. I believe everyone can make every effort and devote themselves wholeheartedly to their future work, becoming a better team and walking shoulder to shoulder with the company towards a better future!

As a professional cooling fan manufacturer, Chungfo not only focuses on the research and development and production of axial cooling fans, cross flow fans, and DC blowers, but also constantly strives to enhance employee happiness.

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