Fire drill activities

Apr 27, 2021

On April 19th, 2021, in order to make all employees of the company understand the basic knowledge of fire protection, improve their awareness of safety precautions, enhance their ability of self-protection, master the emergency response to sudden fires and escape skills, learn to extinguish fires, and orderly evacuate personnel and property to ensure the safety of employees' lives and property. The drill was intense and orderly, and it was a complete success. our company organized a fire drill. Through this fire drill, not only did all employees master the operation steps and methods of general fire fighting equipment, but also their ability to deal with emergencies was further improved.

The fire drill was well arranged, and the leaders of the company gave great care, support and help from the drill planning, early preparation, organization and implementation to the formal drill. For the fire drill, our company also specially set up a fire-fighting team, which consists of eight teams: chief commander, deputy commander, firefighting team, evacuation team, first aid team, logistics support team, alert team and communication team.

According to the requirements of the Safety and Environmental Protection Management Committee, starting from the actual situation of our company's safety work, it is determined that the main task of this fire drill is to carry out an emergency drill for fire accidents, the main purpose of which is to enable each participant to learn the correct use of fire extinguishers, master the basic methods of fire escape, improve self-safety awareness and resolve the crisis.

Through this fire drill, the staff's awareness of prevention and self-rescue ability were further enhanced, and basic operations such as how to identify hazards and take necessary emergency measures were understood and mastered, so as to achieve quick, orderly, timely and effective results in accidents.

We will carry out regular training or drills to improve the emergency rescue skills and comprehensive quality of emergency response of our branch employees, effectively reduce accident hazards, reduce accident losses and ensure the safe, healthy and orderly development of the company.

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