Healthy life, starting with exercise

Mar 20, 2023

Recently, our company held an unforgettable group building activity, including tug-of-war competitions, badminton competitions, and other activities. These activities not only enrich our spare time life, but also enhance teamwork and cohesion among colleagues.

First of all, let's talk about the tug of war competition of the company. This competition requires team members to work closely together and pull the rope in the same direction to win. In the competition, we saw the hard work and team spirit of our colleagues, who not only worked hard for the team's honor, but also constantly cheered for mutual support and encouragement. Although the competition is fierce, the friendly competition and mutual help atmosphere among colleagues make the entire competition more meaningful.

Next came the badminton competition, which not only tested the physical fitness of colleagues, but also required their endurance and technical level. During the competition, colleagues demonstrated their courage and heroism, not only demonstrating their personal strength, but also reflecting the cohesion of the team. Each time a score is scored, colleagues will celebrate the victory with warm applause and cheers, as well as comfort the defeated team members with warm smiles and encouragement. This kind of competition has shown us the indomitable and never-say-die spirit of our colleagues, and has also made us feel the power of a team.

After the competition, we held an award ceremony. During this process, colleagues are both excited and excited because they know that this is recognition and praise for their efforts. Each award-winning colleague will have a lot of emotion, and will also thank team members for their support and encouragement. This link not only makes colleagues cherish their friendship more, but also makes them feel more belonging to the company.

As a professional cooling fan manufacturer, Chungfo not only focuses on the R&D and production of axial cooling fans, cross flow fans, and DC blowers, but also pays close attention to the physical and mental health of every employee and strives to improve their health and well-being.

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