Lantern Festival, let the cooling fan light delicious fireworks!

Feb 26, 2024
Dear friends, the Spring Festival has just passed, and we are about to usher in the Lantern Festival! Lantern Festival is a time for family reunions and gatherings of friends and relatives. It is also one of the important festivals in traditional Chinese culture. For this reason, the company held a grand Lantern Festival event, which brought joy and reunion to all employees. It aims to let employees personally experience the fun of traditional festivals and feel the broad and profound Chinese culture.
On the same day, our employees came early to the activity area inside and outside the factory, and the activity scene was arranged in a lively atmosphere. Colorful lanterns, delicious dumplings, red couplets and lively lanterns, all exudes a strong holiday atmosphere.
The event began with an enthusiastic speech from the head of the factory. In his speech, he stressed the importance of the Lantern Festival and the value of traditional culture. He said that through such activities, the company hopes to strengthen communication and interaction between employees, enhance employees' understanding of traditional Chinese culture, and cultivate everyone's team spirit.
Then the activity kicked into high gear. Employees work in small groups to participate in a variety of fun and traditional games and competitions, such as guessing lantern riddles. Everyone showed their talents and wisdom in the laughter and laughter, fully demonstrating the cohesion and vitality of the team.
To add to the festive atmosphere, Chungfo also prepared a sumptuous buffet, including tangyuan, yuanxiao, candy and a variety of traditional New Year goods, to satisfy the rich food of employees. We sat together, tasted food, talked about work and life, and narrowed the distance between each other.
 This year's Lantern Festival, find Chungfo to choose a suitable cooling fan for your home, whether it is ac axial cooling fan,high rpm exhaust fan or mini cross flow fan we can provide. Let our fans light up your food and fireworks to make your holiday even more perfect! May you and your family enjoy a warm and happy time in this Lantern Festival with the fresh and comfortable cooling fan! Happy Lantern Festival!

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