Chungfo Company successfully organized fire drills to improve emergency handling capabilities

Jul 04, 2024

In order to further improve the fire safety awareness and emergency response ability of employees, Chungfo Company organized a comprehensive fire drill in the factory. As an excellent 110 v ac cooling fan factory , Chungfo's drill has received the positive response and participation of all employees, and attracted the attention of a number of 110v ac cooling fan manufacturers and 110v ac cooling fan suppliers.

high quality 220v ac cooling fan manufacturerThe drill officially kicked off with the sound of an alarm. Assume that the fire occurs in the production shop, and upon discovering the fire, the employee quickly activates the fire alarm system and reports it to the safety supervisor. Immediately, the emergency teams acted quickly: the fire extinguishing team rushed to the scene with fire extinguishing equipment to carry out the initial fire rescue; The evacuation team guides the employees to evacuate to safety quickly and orderly according to the predetermined evacuation route.

In the whole process, the staff behaved calmly and in an orderly manner according to the predetermined plan, which made the drill achieve the expected effect. The entire drill lasted about 30 minutes, and all employees were safely evacuated within the prescribed time and the scene was in good order.

The successful holding of the fire drill of Chungfo Company not only enhanced the safety awareness and emergency response ability of employees, but also provided a strong guarantee for the company's safe production. As an excellent manufacturer in the 110v AC cooling fan industry, Chungfo Company will continue to uphold the policy of "safety first, prevention first", and constantly improve the level of safety management to ensure the healthy and stable development of enterprises.

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