Pay attention to health and care at all times!

Jun 21, 2021

In order to better carry out the prevention and control of occupational diseases and ensure the daily health and safety of employees, on June 18, the company organized more than 300 employees on the job to conduct occupational health examinations. In order to ensure the high efficiency of the physical examination, the company will divide it according to different time periods, and employees will queue up in batches orderly, which can greatly save the waiting time of employees.

The inspection items include blood pressure, blood routine, internal medicine, lung function, electrocardiogram and so on. In order to do a good job in the physical examination, the company contacted the hospital staff in advance about the physical examination. For different physical examination items, the company also cooperated with the hospital staff to distinguish the physical examination items. At the same time, the company also cooperated with the hospital staff to distinguish the required sites for the physical examination items, and all departments are required to do the employee physical examination in advance.

During the physical examination, the medical staff introduced the basic knowledge about occupational safety and health and the basic requirements for the prevention of occupational hazards to the employees, which improved the employees' ability to prevent occupational diseases. At the same time, it focused on the protection knowledge of COVID-19, so as to ensure that employees are extremely vigilant against the epidemic.

After the inspection, the company informs the participating employees of the physical examination report, reminds and informs employees who need further inspections, to achieve "early diagnosis, early prevention, and early treatment", and incorporates the inspection reports of all participating employees into the occupation established by the company Health information file.

Chungfo, as a fan company specializing in the production of centrifugal air blowers, DC & AC fans, axial cooling fans, and ventilation and heat dissipation solutions for ventilators and other medical equipment, adheres to the "people-oriented" principle and cares about the physical and mental health of employees. Regard occupational health examination as an important task.

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